Many Risks Come With Screen Time For Ages 5-15 Essay

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Many risks come with screen time for ages 5-15. Elementary, middle school, and high school kids encounter the most problems. Three of the most common risks children face are sleep problems, obesity problems, or coming across an inappropriate website that can lead to bullying or be a victim of a pedophile. With the help of parents understanding the way screen time can negatively affect their children in the long run parents can provide useful tips and rules that can help their children.
The internet opens the door to many learning opportunities but also paves the door to sexting apps and social media apps where bullies are on the prowl. In the article "What 's, the right age for a child to get a smartphone?" by Brian X. Chen, he provides an example of how sexting apps and social media apps can lead to bullying he stated; "at least 100 students at a Colorado, high school were embroiled in a scandal that involved trading naked pictures of themselves on their mobile devices." Many parents lack to understand that once something is posted on the internet thousands of people see and also many kids lie about their age to gain access to inappropriate websites and the kids information can easily land on hands of pedophiles.This simple mistake can lead to consequences such as rape or being kidnapped. When kids encounter these problems; it is a parents job to set limits one example is blocking any inappropriate website or app that leads children to be bullied or be the bully. Too…

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