Manipulation By William Shakespeare 's The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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Manipulation is a key tactic used by many to persuade people to do jobs that they do not want to do themselves. In a play by William Shakespeare,The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, manipulation is a characteristic that is shared by many characters. Cassius, Decius, and Antony are similar in that they all have goals and in order to accomplish such goals, they use manipulation. In order to be a successful manipulator, one can use similar techniques that work with different situations and people.
One of the most influential manipulators in the play is Cassius; who displays his skills as an excellent manipulator by convincing Brutus to join the conspiracy. During their first conversation, Cassius remarks about how Brutus could be as powerful as Caesar, “Brutus and Caesar- what should be in that “Caesar”? / Why should that name be sounded more than yours? / [...] / yours is as fair a name / [...] Weigh them, it is as heavy” (I.ii.143-147). Boosting one’s confidence and inflating their ego is one of the first things a skilled manipulator does in order to manipulate someone. While Cassius is boosting Brutus’s confidence, he is simultaneously humbling himself, “ I am glad that my weak words / Have struck but thus much show of fire from Brutus” (I.ii.177-178). When Cassius acts humble, he becomes less of a threat to Brutus which causes Brutus to believe he has power over Cassius. Experienced manipulators also find the person’s weaknesses, their fears and emotions. Unfortunately, Brutus…

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