Manifest Destiny And The East Coast Of The United States Essay

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During the first half of the 19th century a large amount of people began immigrating to the east coast of the United States (Burrows, 737). The cities among the east coast, such as New York, started to become overpopulated. This led to poor living conditions and a decrease in pay (Gorn, 393). Then, many people began migrating to the west. The western territory held a promise for a new life. At this time, Native Americans inhabited much of what was referred to as the frontier. The Americans felt that they had the right to this land due to Manifest Destiny and the Native Americans inability to “better” the land.
One idea that the colonist held that encouraged their movement to the west was the idea of Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny was a phrase that first appeared during the annexation of Texas (Johannsen, 8). At first this phrase had very little effect and was widely ignored. The second time this phrase appeared was when the colonist were arguing with the British over who modern day Oregon belonged to. This phrase then began appearing in Congressional debates and became well known (Johannsen, 9). It is believed to have encouraged many people’s efforts to advance west. Manifest Destiny is the idea that Americans were destined by a greater being to take advantage of all of the land. The idea of Manifest Destiny claimed that the colonists should not be restricted on the amount of land that they inhabit but also should not be restricted within their independent abilities…

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