Manifest Destiny, A Strong Sense Of American Nationalism And Vision Of Social Perfection

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Manifest Destiny, a strong sense of American nationalism and vision of social perfection, was an aggressive expansion movement that diminished the presence of other civilizations throughout the country. The introduction of Europeans in early America was the foundation of Manifest Destiny, as it was when the major seizing of the native civilizations’ land occurred. Forwarding in time to 1800, there were many acts of imperialism that contributed to the development of the expanding ideology of Manifest Destiny. A sense of American nationalism is a motivator for expansion. There were many additions to early America after the first permanent settlement of Jamestown. The Louisiana Purchase was the addition of approximately 827,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi River from the French. With the complete disregard of the native tribes, Thomas Jefferson purchased the land from Napoleon Bonaparte for $15 million and dispatched many groups on expeditions to explore the new territory. In 1801, Jefferson gave the Native Americans the choice of becoming a part of white society or migrating west of the Mississippi. While he may have thought of this as a generous solution to the “Indian problem”, either choice would have resulted in them relinquishing their claim to their tribal lands. This conflict eventually led to the War of 1812, between early Americans against Britain and the majority of Native Americans, which ended with the Treaty of Ghent. Even the increase of…

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