Mandatory Military Service Essay

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As many other countries mandate young adults partaking in the military for two years, the United States should follow suit. Many beneficial consequences would be rendered as a result of the increase in service. This would also be a great commencement into the real world for any young adult. These statements can be explored by discussing the benefits of free college tuition, disciplined young adults who are ready to follow orders, and the sheer power of numbers.
One exceptional perk of joining the military would be free college tuition. This would allow the students who have not excelled as fast as others a doorway to achieve their full potential. This would also benefit the United States as a whole country. Along with expanding the
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The variable of manpower in a war is not always the deciding factor. However, it would not hurt to have a couple of hundred thousand extra people at a countries disposal. This must look awful from an ordinary citizen’s point of view. Then there is this question; would you rather lose a fraction of the population, or the whole country? Not to mention the possible enslavement as a conquered people; treated as subhuman and having their rights ripped from their grasp. Nobody in any country would want that outcome to occur in their country. As people look back in history, they discover and marvel at the battle of Thermopylae. How did such an untrained military defeat the most strict, handpicked, elite group of warriors? The answer is oblivious! It was an estimated three hundred thousand Persian warriors against three hundred Spartan soldiers. This is why the United States needs to mandate young adults to serve two years in the military. So that not only will we have a superior military in tactics, and education, we will also have the overwhelming power of numbers. As always, people do not have to go too far before they find a person who disagrees, and thinks everyone should have the choice of whether to serve their country. Their main argument with this is that they say it violates the constitution. However, this would not be the first time that the United States has done something like this. They drafted

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