Mandatory Journal: Biography: Ain T I A Woman

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Mandatory Journal Assignment #2 Biography
Sojourner Truth was born around the 1797 in Ulster County, New York. Her story is one that shows not only character and commitment to the cause of feminism. The courage that she exhibited by breaking through the thick bonds of slavery and then fighting for abolition shows the extent to which Sojourner was an exceptional woman for the time that she lived in and also today.

Sojourner Truth was originally born with the name Isabella Baumfree and was born into slavery. She fell in love with a man named Robert who was also a slave. The two of them had a daughter, and when Sojourner was most likely in her twenties, she escaped slavery with her infant daughter. Eventually, she was made to marry an older slave named Thomas. She never saw Robert again and with Thomas she had a son
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The title of the speech that touched the lives of so many was, “Ain’t I a Woman?” This particular speech discussed the importance for white women and women of color to come together in order to fight for their rights because, after all, Sojourner was a woman. The speech spoke to the racial tensions at the time and was miraculous in starting to get people to see that just because her skin was darker, she was a woman and she deserved to have rights just like women of every race deserved. It is in this way that Sojourner was able to physically transform the minds of women in society.

Sojourner Truth’s speech titled, “Ain’t I a Woman?” was not nearly the only contribution that she made to the Women’s Rights Movement. In 1850, a book was published that contained her memoirs. It was titled, The Narrative of Sojourner Truth: A Northern Slave. Truth told her recollections to her friend, Olive Gilbert, considering she could not read or write. William Lloyd Garrison wrote the preface to her

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