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About the effects of the boundaryless career on individuals, organizations and society, by some researches, who suggested that, in practice, in spite of bounaryless career are widely used. Before discussing “boundaryless careers.” It is helpful to define “career.” A person’s career is the unfolding sequence of his or her work experience over the (Arthur, Hall, and Lawrence, 1989). The concept of boundaryless career first appeared in the 1990s, is by Arthur in 1994 in the Journal of Organization Behavior, refers to a career can consist of one job held in an organization for a long time, many jobs held in the same organization, the same job in many different organizations, or many jobs in many organization; the sum total of
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Like downsizing and the use of temporary / contingent workforces illustrates how organizations preferences for flexibility have affected career patterns. In the began of boundaryless career development, the relationship of employers and employers has been the public debate, people have two believes: optimists and pessimists. Optimists believe that boundaryless career is defined as developing variety employment settings (Arthur and Rousseau, 1996) career, providing opportunities, person values, and economic development. Each employment contract is valid trading deadline (instead of a relational contract, see Rousseau, 1995). Pessimists doubt that change the career mode is determined by the employer’s desire to get rid of a lot of expensive full-time employees (and their interests) as truly achieve our goals.
There have some advantages and disadvantages of boundaryless career on individuals, organizations and social. Follow are the advantages of boundaryless career: Employees have more opportunities to find a job (until they find a better long-term work), employees do not have a responsibility for their work, learn and got more skills, cheap labor, more employees have more variety of skills, boundaryless career are good for IT sector, flexibility (no longer dependent on one company and work time), the decline of unemployment, and increase the purchasing power of the people.
On another hand the disadvantages are declining loyalty

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