Essay on Managing Change At Multiple Levels

811 Words Mar 20th, 2016 4 Pages
Managing Change at Multiple Levels Organizational change is concerning assessing and altering organization structures in the company business processes. Organizations should review methods to implement resourceful and cost effective techniques to embrace change as a way to establish and plan for success, (Basu, 2016). In this assignment scholars are to talk about challenges change leaders typically encounter, introduce measures to address and resolve the challenges, identify ethical issues that could arise and recommend measures to effectively manage the ethical issues identified. The individual employee level, will introduce many uncertainties as it relates to organizational change. Some individual employee levels are what will the exact changes include, will I be impact by the change, will there be any unknown surprise, can I trust the leaders of this change, will I lose my job, the employee may have a negative attitude about the change, and what is the true bottom line. Change leaders also confront challenges at the team level. Potential challenges are teams may not be like-minded, teams members may not be motivate to receive the change, team members could resist the change, conflict could occur within the team, no flexibility may be developed within the team, and the team may not share the organizational vision. Dysfunctional teams are described by fragmentation. Change cannot make progress beneath this type of management. A dysfunctional team weakens…

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