Large-Scale Change Initiative Case Study

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In regards to a large-scale change initiative that I have been a part of would be when I was hired. Before my employment there was no formal marketing department within Garmin International. There was simply a marketing communication team that did all of the creative work for the company and the engineers. Up until this point the company had operated under this type o direction of a agency working within the building that would do the work. The change in the landscape of the GPS market place forced the customer to adopt a newer philosophy than if you build it people will buy it.
In order to create this change in philosophy the company created a new department within the business known as Marketing. This position would be between the
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The company added a new level of market expertise that wasn’t there before and the new approach to talking to customers. Creating new behaviors in how everyone worked together. Over the last two years we have done a test run or a pilot run in trying new things until we find the correct groove. Not ever execution is flawless but learning for the bad decisions has resulted in a effective best practices.
The least effective area that I would include into the large scale change initiative processes would be the lack of definition. Due to the many pilot runs, we do not have a definitive structure. The management changes the approach with every new project. Unfortunately due to this lack luster approach there is no common core to the actions
A second least effective behavior would be the implementation outcomes. There were many people that were a part of the company that have been hesitant to the new layer of management. Over the past two years the company has eliminated a new positions and also hired a few key roles on both sides of the company to continue the needed
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By doing this there are less gaps in the organization. This is also a way to harbor additional insight to what customers’ needs and request. By doing this we have decreased the number of request form the sales team of additional information from engineering. This short term win was beneficial to the company, timely, visible, and measurable.
A third short term goal that I have implemented within the organization is a launch party for all participants of the engineering team and also the marketing communications team. As noted I this paper there is a rocky past between these two groups of individuals but I am attempting to bridge the gap between the two. I feel that opening this line of communication is key to the future growth of the company. By achieving this short term goal I have increased the visibility. While also creating value, consistency, and making the product relevant to the

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