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The purpose of this report is to conduct a comprehensive business performance analysis using financial historical information/analysis of Costco. While Costco may not seem to have the revenue, assets and market share like similar and larger companies such as Wal-Mart and Target they are without a doubt a very profitable and successful company. What Costco lacks in high margins, they make up for in being a highly efficient company boasting high asset and equity turnover while maintaining optimum liabilities and debt to equity ratios. Costco is a great company that is seeing profitable success due to their business model that prioritizes quality for both its customers and employees. However, emerging with the 21st century are new ways of …show more content…
2. Peer Group
It is rather difficult to narrow down four warehouse club retailers with business models exactly like Costco. The two that come closest are Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club. Sam’s club is a division of Wal-Mart and their financial performance is absorbed into Wal-Mart’s financial statements. BJ’s Wholesale Club is a privately owned company and their financial statements are not easily available.
However, relevant competitors to Costco do not necessarily need to have the warehouse sales model—although that would be convenient for an analysis. Retail businesses that offer wide range of merchandise such as Wal-Mart and Target are good candidates to be analyzed with Costco as the premise of their business is essentially the same. Like Costco, both Target and Wal-Mart are in the business of buying and re-selling their merchandise and neither of them have invested a significant amount of resources into unique brands. However, Costco has invested significantly into their private label brand, Kirkland Signature and it will be interesting to see if this deviation from the typical buy-re-sell model also differentiates them from Target and Wal-Mart financially.
In their 2013 Annual Report, Costco names Kohls and, in addition to Target and Wal-Mart, as two additional big competitors. Kohls and also operate under the buy re-sell model. Two weaknesses of these companies as competitors are their product range and common-size. Kohls does not

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