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جامعة البترا | | Petra University | كلية العلوم الإدارية والمالية | | Faculty of Administrative And Financial Sciences | قسم إدارة الأعمالبرنامج الماجستير Business Administration DepartmentMBA Program | الفصل الدراسي Term:First Term | السنة الدراسية: Year: 2013/2014 | خطة المقرر Syllabus |

اسم المقرر | International Business | Course Title | رقم المقرر | 301723 | Course Number | المتطلب السابق | - | Prerequisite Course |

Course Objectives | This course aims to highlight the role and functions of multinational / global corporations and governments in international business.
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To understand why companies engage in international business and why international business growth has accelerated. 2. To become familiar with different ways in which a company can accomplish its global objectives. 3. To understand methods for learning about cultural environment 4. To analyze the major causes of cultural difference and change 5. To profile trends in contemporary political systems 6. To explain the idea of political risk and describe approaches to managing it. 7. To communicate the importance of economic analysis. 8. To discuss some key issues in the social activities and consequences of globalized business 9. To examine corporate responses to globalization in the form of codes of conduct, among other things 10. To understand theories of international trade 11. To demonstrate the business uncertainties and business opportunities created by governmental trade policies 12. To discuss the pros and cons of global, bilateral, and regional integration 13. To evaluate industry structure, firm strategy, and value creation 14. To comprehend why location decisions do not necessarily compare different countries’ possibilities 15. To clarify why companies may need to use modes other than exporting to operate effectively in international business 16. To comprehend why and how

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