Management of Information Technology Essay

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University of La Verne Winter 2013 BUS 510: Management of Information Technology Group Project F&F Virtual Fitting Room of Tesco

Instructor: Dr. Nazila Safavi Group members: ming-wei li Shunzi Jin Tzu-hao Huang Xia Fang Yan Lu

Jan. 30, 2013 Table of Content Abstract 3 Introduction of Tesco 4 F&F 3D virtual fitting room system 5 *
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One of the biggest problems with online clothing shopping, however, is that customers can’t try the items sold online on before they receive these products. Tesco which is the third-largest retailer in the world has launched a virtual 3D fitting room system (which is called the F&F Virtual Fitting Room) both on its Facebook page and the organization’s online shopping website. Supported by the latest information and computer technologies, F&F Virtual Fitting Room will create significant benefits not only for the online shopping customers but also for Tesco itself. Although this system is talked as the virtual fitting room, there still should be prospective development for this technology to improve to achieve the higher quality images, the more reasonable operation, and the richer functions such as the real combination of clothing styles, people’s specific measurements and the accurate fitness. In this paper, we analyze the virtual fitting room comprehensively and focus on the improvements of this system. Keywords: Tesco, 3D virtual fitting room, Information technology

Introduction of Tesco Tesco is the head of Britain’s grocery and general merchandise store, it is also one of the top three retailers in the world, which has more than 2711 stores in the world and employs over 366,000 people. Tesco began as a food

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