Management At One Smooth Stone Essay

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Management at One Smooth Stone After viewing the video on the management at One Smooth Stone, it becomes very clear that Mark Ledogar and Gary Vik exemplify their definition of management through a decentralized business structure that encourages and supports personal empowerment. This type of management style and business structure allows One Smooth Stone to place a greater emphasis on Mintzberg’s interpersonal managerial role. With a less rigid organization of management, it becomes easier to quickly respond to the desires of the customer. As a company that is responsible for the planning of corporate events, a large portion of success relies mainly on the interaction between One Smooth Stone and its clients as well as their ability to identify their clients’ needs. In the 1970’s, Robert Katz identified the three principal skills acquired by managers through education and experience, as being technical, conceptual and human skills (Kinicki & Williams, 2013). Both conceptual and human skills are displayed throughout the video in the interactions between the business and client. With such a wide array of clients, all with varied and constantly changing requests, having the ability to speak and interact well with others is as equally as valuable as having the vision needed to conceptualize a project or presentation that will appeal to the client. With a loose management system that allows a wide range of control, as well as employing strategic improvising, One Smooth…

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