Malcom X : The Fight Against The Nation Of Islam Assassins Essay

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place and there were a lot of rumors surrounding him claiming that the Nation of Islam assassins were coming to the fight to possibly kill Ali.42 There is speculation that Liston was afraid that the assassins would miss Ali and end up killing him instead. There was also speculation of the Black Muslim’s wanting to kidnap Liston’s young son.43 Liston apparently had made it clear that he did not feel comfortable being in Lewiston, Maine, where the fight took place. Before the fight took place, Malcom X who was close to Ali had been shot and killed by the Nation of Islam assassins, which could have possibly lead to Liston 's supposed fear of being killed.44 After the fight in Lewiston, Liston went on to win 14 fights in a row and 13 of them he won in a knockout. The odds of Ali living through the fight were 1000 to 1, everyone was sure the Black Muslims were out to kill him.45 Security was at an all time high during this fight and the weigh in. Everyone including Liston had been shaken up by the death of Malcom X, and knew that the Black Muslims were not to be messed with. The Mafia was also speculated to be involved in Liston 's first round loss to Ali. There was speculation of another mafia betting scandal, similar to the first fights rumors. Also, Liston was said to have owed the mafia money and he could have bet against himself in order to win the money in order to pay off the mafia.46 It is apparent that Liston had some deep involvement with the mafia and they…

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