Malcolm X : Self Defense, Self Determination And Self Respect

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Four key figures emerged from the Black Power Movement who promoted the following three tenets: self-defense, self-determination and self-respect. Martin Luther King Jr. accelerated the Black Power movement through self-determination and self-respect, but decelerated the process in terms of self-defense because of his nonviolent perspective. Malcom X on the other hand accelerated all three tenets through Black Nationalism. More particularly Malcom X encouraged individualism, separatism through any means possible, including violence. Similarly Stokely Carmichael, also known as Kwame Taft, promoted all three tenets through education. Muhammad Ali accelerated both self-defense and self-determination but his protest of American imperialism focused more on self-respect. All of these men shared the same motive of achieving true liberation, however their means to achieve this motive varied. This essay will highlight this motive and the social, political and cultural means they used to achieve their goal of true African American liberation.
Malcom X pushed for Black Nationalism and believed African Americans should either control, self-determine, their own environment by dominating the local elections or retaliate, self-defend, against whites through violence. Ultimately, Malcom X worked towards complete separation and the establishment of an individual territory or state for blacks. He wanted blacks to become self-sufficient and create an environment where they would be respected…

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