Malcolm X Essay

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The Nation of Islam adopted a young African-American male who devoted his life to religion and developed the Black Muslim movement as a human rights activist. Malcolm X believed blacks were no different from whites. He preached that white people have no right to mistreat us. He called other minorities to fight for their rights as American people. His beliefs and ideas would prompt African-Americans to be a part of the Nation of Islam. Malcolm interpreted that the Negro had to find his “own identity, develop his own culture, and lay the foundations for a self-respecting productive community" (Haley XXVII). Malcolm X was a courageous advocate who achieved equal rights for blacks but encouraged the use of violence when met with force.
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Malcolm X’s original African-American figure influenced several activists. According to Malcolm X 's speech on April 3, 1964, in Cleveland, Ohio, he mentioned in viewpoint, what America is, “And I see America through the eyes of the victim. I don 't see any American dream; I see an American Nightmare” (Malcolm X Ballot or Bullet speech). Other groups viewed America as a relatively well-put society, despite the fact that it was a corrupt, violent, racist country with Jim Crow Laws segregating blacks. Malcolm X also says, “I 'm one of 22 million black people who are the victims of Americanism; one of the 22 million black people who are victims of democracy, but disguised hypocrisy” (Malcolm X Ballot or Bullet speech). The only way blacks were going to get away the semblance of equality and dignity was to fight the system physically. Malcolm’s ideas are relatable to today’s dispute of our criminal justice system treating African-Americans and other minorities unjustly, further causing racial disparities. First of all, African-Americans today are “more likely to have their cars searched” because police officers now fear for their lives and want to get rid of violence off the streets (Kahn and Kirk). Also, blacks are "more likely to serve longer sentences than White Americans for the same offense” (Kahn and Kirk). The race is playing a huge role in this situation, but it also depends on if the crime is …show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr. had different ideas and attitudes toward whites. Malcolm X was a black nationalist that believed blacks should come together instead of intervening with whites. Besides, he wanted blacks to be economically secure with equal rights like Dr. King did. For instance, we can relate to today 's protesting of the Black Lives Matter movement. The movement frequently protests, police killings of black people, raising the concerns of racial profiling, fighting against police brutality, and racial inequality in the United States. Malcolm X triggered the start of the Black Lives Matter movement fifty years later because he advocated for black pride and empowerment. Dr. King was an integrationist preaching for blacks and whites to work together in civilization. The BLM movement has emphasized sit-ins in the spirit of MLK due to the racism and issues in the United States. The Black Lives Matter movement protested on violence and racism, but people refer to the fact that All Lives should matter. Furthermore; blacks suffered through centuries of slavery, civil rights, mass incarcerations and brutality. BLM specified values and importance of black lives but did not regard the case that All Lives

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