Essay on Malcolm X And Martin Luther King Jr.

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Since the beginning, African Americans have played a major role in the composition of racial concepts. There are many aspects of African American history that affected the world as we view it today and understanding the history of this specific race will aid in understanding racial views and stigmas that arose from our history. Discussing these subjects like slavery, segregation, white supremacy, and cultural appropriation will help gain a better perspective on the racial issues that have dawned on us in the past centuries. Moreover, these aspects are key components of causes that have occurred throughout the centuries, like the killings of world renowned leaders such as, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. These events are important in discussing the impact of African Americans because it shaped our history, changed our cultural views and values. Moreover, it paved the way for a new society that included racial equality, regardless of any racial barriers. Now, at the start of 1619, slavery was introduced in Jamestown, Virginia, to aid in the production of such lucrative crops as tobacco. In my opinion, slavery introduced the world to discrimination, because it gave permission to violate another human being just because the color of their skin or because of the lack of education. As a matter of fact, one Indiana senator declared in 1850, “The same power that has given him a black skin, with less weight or volume of brain, has given us a white skin, with greater volume of…

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