Malcolm Essay

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Thirsting for Power
Monica Rivera

Power is defined the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality. Each and every person possesses some type of power over another thing. Some people are content with not having any power whatsoever and then there are people whose entire lives revolve around that thirst and need for power. The latter is a description of two famous people in history, Malcolm X and Julius Caesar. Thirsting for power and wanting to much of a good thing can be very self-destructive. This thirst for power can cause people to be blinded but the reality of what is going on around them. Taking into consideration that both of these powerful
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Malcolm X, like Julius Caesar, had a troubled childhood. His parents died young and he was in and out of foster homes as well as jail cells. When the law finally caught up with him in Boston, for a robbery charge, he was sentenced to a 8-10 year sentence in Charleston Prison. It was in prison in which his thirst for power began to take shape. He was introduced to many books and would often read many in one day. Also while in prison, he was visited by several siblings who had joined to the Nation of Islam, a small sect of black Muslims who embraced the ideology of black nationalism—the idea that in order to secure freedom, justice and equality, black Americans needed to establish their own state entirely separate from white Americans. Malcolm X converted to the Nation of Islam while in prison,” (Malcolm X). Malcolm’s transition and thirst for power was a lot different from Caesars for the reason that he had good intentions. He wanted better for his people, African American people. He had seen so much racism and lost many close friends and even his family to the KKK. Teachers told him from a young age that because he was African American, he wouldn’t be able to do things such as become a lawyer and that he needed to be more realistic about his place in life. It was these numbered events that offered fuel to the fire that was burning inside Malcolm. He

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