Essay about Malaysian Flood

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Flood is an overflow of water that submerges the surface of land that consist of residential areas. Basically people in Malaysia will experience flood every year and flood always occur at the end of the year and it is happen because of heavy rain that could increase the level of river and sea. At the end of last December, Malaysian citizen has been shocked with the occurring of massive flood in the coastal area of east for a month. The flood was declared as the worst flood happen in Malaysia and it affect a lot of Malaysian people. Refer to the statistic, the flood have affect more than 100,000 people and 21 of the victim were killed. The
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Now, we can see that now lot of these human activities now occur in Malaysia. When the forest area were explored it can cause the lowlands happen and also when human change the forest to open such as construction areas, the lake’s storage capacity will reduced and it can cause flood to happen. The effect of deforestation make the surface of the land not have any plants that can control water flowing. Another cause of the flood by human greed behaviour is taking land from hills for the purpose of land reclamation that can cause bare hill. This can make river become shallow and when heavy rain occur, it cannot support the large quantities of water.
All these happen because of the human greed behaviour. Some party who doing these activities were not permitted and there also some party that doing the activities outside their area of truth. On my opinion to this case, government should be more strict regards to this deforestation and taking land activities. Government should take serious legal action to the parties who doing the illegal behaviour of the activities
Flood also could happen due to the human weaknesses which involve clogging of drain. The human behaviour which is throwing rubbish in the drainage were lead to the drain clogged. The rubbish in the drain prevent the smooth flow of water that can make drain unable to support amount of water when heavy raining occur. This will lead to

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