Making A Car With Defective Brakes Essay

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By analogy, when the Occidental case protestant Wayne that is against the delivering of flawed safety- critical software that is described to be selling a car with defective brakes. Safety had always been at the upmost priority in the automotive industry. Releasing a faulty vehicle with brakes that could fail is deemed wrongly by most. In addition, Wayne argues that releasing safety- critical software that could fail would be wrong for him. Since his analysis revolves around engineering systems failures that could cost lives and both are released with known flaws, the cases are deemed analogous. However, analogies cannot be taken at face value. Non-the less, even though there are seldom answers to ethical problems from analogies, they are only worthy of understanding due to its insight. Known cases that focuses on ethical applicable principles, issues and relevant factors is a good way to explore new cases and issues (McFarland, 2015). From the perspective of analogy, the protestant Wayne is against of carrying out the instructions of his employer. Therefore, professional duties of an engineer for Wayne do not go beyond conscience.

Law acts as a mirror for the society in some imperfect and complex ways for society’s ethical requirements. It is a way of society expects for justice. Despite the close relatedness of law and ethics, they are not similar. Law is what governed a civilized society with its minimum expectations. It would be considered as overly oppressive to…

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