Reflection On The Screwtape Letter

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Alan Marouf
Mr. Loucks
English 10
09 February 2018
Reflection on The Screwtape Letters
The screwtape letter is a book which has a lot of variety of different themes. The major themes that were deeply engraved in to me were about Temptation, sexual Love and morality, God's love and Pride. One of the goals of this book was to change your view on Christianity or make to enhance your faith. Screwtape letters are persuasive and let people change their view on Christianity!
Firstly, the theme temptation plays a major role in the screwtape letter because the whole story plays on that Screwtape is writing to his young nephew Wormwood, who should tempt the humans to go the “wrong” way and to sin by making them feel tempted from the material world.
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In letter 14 Screwtape says, ”Your patient has become humble. (Lewis 37)” . Screwtape advices Wormwood to the Patient how humble he has become. This should fill the Patient with pride. They want to catch him when he is really poor in spirit and then they want to smuggle him into his mind of cheering reflection. Through this his Pride will appear at his own humility. In my view, pride is the origin of all evil from a religious view and from a social view. It is one of the death sins and God doesn't want us to be prideful, even though it is our choice, but there's no need for pride unless people want to be hated. It is unnecessary, and usually a feeling of superiority goes hand in hand with others, because you feel better than others and you feel it automatically. The superiority will let people feel bad and that is very bad because all people should be the same. Its not without any reason a death …show more content…
We will never know nor understand what God wants from us but what we know that he loves us and only wants the best for us. The Screwtape letters let us emphasize how we actually behave and even though we think we do the right thing might be the wrong thing. We are just humans so we get tempted easily to do things we should not do. It also taught me about what love actually means and let me think deeply into my opinion about sexual morality. Its surprising how a book can change someone's view on all kind of different topics. The book shows us how easily a human can be tempted to do sin but we are all not perfect except God and he will not let us go the wrong way, because God cares about each

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