Major Arguments Concerning The Neolithic Revolution Essay

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Stephan Pokam
October 24 2016
Ecological Paper Throughout chapter 1 Crosby develops many arguments concerning the Neolithic revolution. The arguments include reasons as to why old world regions of the world suffered from the revolution that had occurred in new world countries. Crosby also states how many aspects of new world civilizations arose across Europe and Asia, most profoundly in the Middle East. Moreover, in this paper, I will introduce you to many of Crosby’s illuminating statements made in his book. Crosby first delves into the supercontinent of Pangea and how the breaking up of this huge land mass led to the spread out of Homo sapiens across the globe. Crosby states that “The break-up of Pangea and the decentralization of the of the processes of evolution began 180 to 200 million years ago” (page 12). The break-up of Pangea is really important not only in geological relevance but also in the lay-out of Homo sapiens across the earth. The decentralization of ancient Homo sapiens is very important because it led to the spread of humans across the globe. The spread out was very tardily because the populations were the ones of hunters and gathers, unlike other organisms that have to stay in one climate humans have evolved to become masters of adaptability. This has allowed humans to spread to the far reaches of the earth from North and South America to Australia. Also, during this era there were polar ice caps that conserved much of the water that was on the earth.…

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