Magnolia City Hospital : The Second Oldest Hospital Essay example

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Magnolia City Hospital serves the purpose of providing and improving health care services for the citizens of Columbia County and citizens of Lafayette, Union, Nevada, Ouachita, and Hempstead Counties. It is located in a rural setting, medically underserved, underinsured, with below average socioeconomic and educational level, and in need of superior health care. In Arkansas State, Magnolia City Hospital is the second oldest hospital. Established in 1939, it is an acute care, community based, non-profit hospital that is licensed by the State Arkansas for 70 beds. The hospital provides services in general medicine, emergency department, ICU/CCU, women’s services (obstetrics and gynecology), outpatient rehabilitation, a rural clinic, and home health agency. In 1963, and 1977 two additions were develop to progress health care. Throughout the years of Magnolia City Hospital, the vision was to replace the facility and technology. In 1994, the hospital discussed the amount of 39 million dollars to rebuild. The hospital was a rural healthcare facility, whom faced challenges in recruiting physicians and qualified staff, low reimbursements, and limited maintenance/replacement needs. In 2009, Magnolia City Hospital was rename and rebuild. The accomplishments of their goals, Magnolia Regional Medical Center (MRMC) a new building and new technology improved their benefits to the community. The clinics aspects of the hospital improved as well. To begin the Magnolia Rural Health…

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