Magnets Are One Of The Fundamental Items Essays

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Magnets are one of the fundamental items in physics. This paper is meant to provide a general overview of magnets and their uses, as well as an in depth look into certain aspects of magnetism and how they relate to everyday life.
Most images of a magnet come to mind as a tiny object used for hanging things on a refrigerator. But other applications are much more useful in our society in general. They are used in all kinds of speakers, in many computer parts including hard drives (for recording and reading purposes) and LED monitors to assist in image stabilization; they can be found in cell phones, car parts and most recently the hope for high-speed transport known as a hyperloop.
Perhaps a more common use that is taken for granted is the magnetic strip or magstripe on credit and debit cards (although due to fraud because of their ability to be duplicated, the chip and pin system is becoming more prevalent). These magstripes have a special magnetic makeup, the stripe is actually made up of very tiny iron magnetic metals that are oriented in such a way that when it slides through a reader the change in the magnetic field between the two generates the data used in the transaction. This is why they need to be kept away from other magnets as their orientation can be changed and thus render them invalid. Magnets are all considered to be “dipoles”, by which they have both a north and a south pole. In nature, no known magnetic monopoles exist. However, under extreme…

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