Madness And Madness In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Could Hamlet really be sane in an insane world? Shakespeare plays with people’s minds to reproduce their own image of Hamlet’s persona. The main character Hamlet goes through a depressing stage of his life, in which he experiences many different emotions because of the loss of his father. Hamlet realizes that his father did not just die by nature, but was in fact murdered. His uncle Claudius has just killed him by pouring poison

in his ear while the King was sleeping in the garden. The way Hamlet finds out about his father’s death is what leads the reader to bring into consideration the main topic of this

research paper madness vs. sanity. Many people ask themselves what goes on inside this man’s head. There are four
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People relate the book Hamlet to these four hypotheses. Shakespeare shows what a human being’s reaction to someone’s dying is through Hamlet. One of the reasons people believe that Hamlet has gone completely insane is that in the first act of the book, they read about Hamlet ranting to with his father’s ghost. In that same act, Hamlet told Horatio and Marcellus not say anything about what had happened that night. Then after the ghost appears Hamlet took Horatio to the side to tell him that

he was going to act strangely, he was going to put on this new personality.

“As I, perchance, hereafter shall think meet to put an antic disposition on” (Act 1, Scene 5, page 8). This proves that he knew what was going on throughout the whole play, but he

was seeking to avenge his father no matter what he had to do. This is the first point that shows

that Hamlet was perfectly sane. The second point is the scene in which Hamlet had almost
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This depression is because of his father’s loss and the fact that his mother, the Queen, does not mourn her dead husband at all. His own mother betrays him and especially his father, by marrying his uncle without even mourning King Hamlet’s death. He asks himself various times if it was more noble to fight his misfortunes or die. Someone who is not in his or her right mind would have committed suicide without even thinking about it, but Hamlet on the other hand asked himself if it was better to remain asleep or take what life throws at you. Hamlet decided to fight his problems because if you decide to remain asleep one could have a nightmare that one cannot wake up from. This way deciding to fight his troubles and set things right by avenging his father’s death by killing his uncle Claudius. Hamlet believes that one’s conscience is abominable because it makes us cowards and obscures our instincts. He then asks himself why we pick life over death when this is the easiest response to misery. How would someone who is not in their right mind have gone through this thought process by

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