Mackie's Argument For The Existence Of God

Every 10 seconds there is a child that dies from hunger. 1 out of 4 women reports sexual harassment in the workplace, if I am a person of color, then i am more likely to go to jail and be discriminated against. If I don 't have a certain religious view, then I can be beheaded, if I am poor, then I am more likely to be marginalized and discriminated against. Why should a five year old child get shot while playing in the playground just because they live in a neighborhood that is dangerous? Why are children forced to join gangs and leave their families, tradition, and culture? There is so much evil and the world and so much hate that we have to live with. Why have a God when all of these evil exist in this world. Is there even a God, if all …show more content…
The ultimate question is that why do we need a God who is all powerful and good, but let’s evil exist in the world, so Mackie concluded that there is no God. To prove his point Mackie has come up with some anticipated solution with his argument, but gives answers as to why it support his point that God does not exist. One of his arguments is that “Good cannot exist without evil”; Mackie explains that this limits the power of God and if you say that you need evil for you to see the good is just a nonsensical thing to say. Mackie provides an example and says that if you see a murder then would you stop it, but if you do, then you are obscuring good from happening in the world. He says this only proves that God does not have ultimate power he restricts himself because he allowed good and bad to not exist without each other and he cannot stop it. Mackie also argues that “Evil is necessary as a means to good." He states that this also brings restriction to Gods omnipotence, because if evil is necessary, then why did God create it, he could have made the world in a different way where evil does not have to depend on good to exist, why did he not just create the good. Another

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