`` Machine Man `` By Max Barry Essay

830 Words Sep 20th, 2016 4 Pages
Max Barry’s novel Machine Man attempts to illustrate what happens when technology consumes the lives of human beings. Charlie is slowly consumed by technology as the novel progresses. He begins to morph into a machine, slowly replacing his limbs and other body parts for mechanical ones. The main character conflict in the novel is man vs self because Charlie uses technology to slowly tear himself apart. Charlie has an unhealthy addiction to technology. There are several examples throughout the novel that show his addiction. The first example is in the beginning of the novel when Charlie cannot get dressed because he lost his phone, “I groped for my phone, to check the time, and groaned. This was like being blind.” (Barry 6). Charlie is so incredibly addicted to his phone that he feels like he is blind because he cannot check to see what time it is on his phone. He literally cannot function nor think logically without his phone. He even overdresses because he couldn’t use his phone to get the weather outside, “Driving in, I gripped the wheel, the sun beat through the windshield, mocking my sweater. I had overdressed.” Another example that shows just how addicted Charlie is to technology is when he gets his leg caught in a machine trying to get to his phone, “I saw my phone…I went to get it…I had walked into the clamp” (Barry 12). Charlie completely ignores that fact that he is in danger and continues to try and get to this phone even though his leg is about to be crushed. He…

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