Machine Man By Max Barry Essay

1002 Words Oct 10th, 2016 5 Pages
Machine Man is a novel written by Max Barry. It is about a man named Charles Neumann who replaces parts of his body with machines. As the story goes on he replaces more of his body to machines. The company that he works with becomes extremely interested in taking his research and using it as a profit. However, Charles has a different idea about the usage of his design. Charles is not interested in making money from his design; he is interested in his own personal benefit and only wants to make the product for himself. This shows that Charles is more consumed in creating an enhanced body only for himself. Charles slowly creates more modify designed body parts to the point where he would no longer be able to be identified as a human. A clear theme in this novel is the dependency on technology. Max Barry refers to the over dependency on technology in his novel. Technology can be a useful tool but is overly used in an average human’s life. Technology is constantly being over used and Max Barry presents several key points in his novel about what the over uses on technology is coming to. At the beginning of the novel, Charles misplaced his phone. The novel talked about his process in finding his phone and how he searched throughout the house before even getting dressed for the day. Once he realized that he might have left his phone at his work place, he decided to head into work. However, the novel talks about how he didn’t even know what he should wear because he normally uses…

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