Macbeth's 'The Fountain Of Your Blood Is Stoppd'

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Register to read the introduction… Paraphrase and clarification:
The source of the fountain of your royal blood has stopped. Your royal father has been murdered.
Macduff and Macbeth are telling Malcolm that his father is dead.
C. Conclusions:
Macbeth used the word blood in an interesting way. Macbeth said “the fountain of your blood is stopp’d” which was a way for him to tell Malcolm his father is dead.

General Conclusions for Act 2:
1.) In Act 2 the word blood was used negatively. Like Act 1, when the word blood was used it was about murder.
2.)In Act 2 the word showed how the characters felt about the murder of Duncan. Quote 1 Macbeth imagines a bloody dagger pointing towards Duncan’s room, this was from how he felt uneasy about the murder. This shows Macbeth was nervous about what was about to happen. In Quote 2 Lady Macbeth seems calm and agitated with her husband for forgetting to leave the daggers and to smear blood on his face. This portrays how different both the characters are and how heartless Lady Macbeth can seem.

Act 3
1.) A. Quotation and Speaker:
Macbeth: We hear our bloody cousins are bestowed
In England and in Ireland, not confessing
Their cruel parricide, filling their hearers
With strange invention.
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B. Paraphrase and Clarification:
Tomorrow I will go see the witches, because I must know what is going to happen to me. My own safety and good is the only important thing now. I have walked so far into blood that even if I stopped now, it would be hard to go back to good. These strange thoughts I have in my head, I will put into actions before event thinking about them.
Macbeth is determined to know what is going to happen to him, he was done so many bad things already that he will act on every though he has, no matter how senseless it is.
C. Conclusions:
Macbeth says that he has walked so far into a river of blood, which means he has done so many evil things already, and that it would be hard to return back to good.

General Conclusions for Act 3: 1.) Quotes 2 and 3 show a lot about Macbeth’s character. Macbeth says that “blood that shed will demand more blood in return.” And he is worried about what might happen to him after he killed Duncan and Banquo. And he also says “I am in blood”. He has done so many evil things and he will not even think about his actions and he will just act on them immediately for his safety’s sake. These two examples show how selfish he is and how he cares about

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