Macbeth Is the Most Interesting Character in the Play Macbeth

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“The most interesting character in Macbeth is Macbeth himself.” Do you agree? Why?
Macbeth is a complex and well developed character, while there are several interesting characters in the play, Macbeth is by far the most interesting. He is a tragic hero who experiences a slow and painful mental decline which is expressed in such a way that the audience is mesmerised.
The most interesting aspect of Macbeth’s character is that it is flawed. The audience can identify with his human frailties. Despite the fact that Macbeth commits evil and is drawn to the successes he thinks evil can provide him, one can tell he has goodness in him. Shakespeare reveals Macbeth’s moral development through the use of symbolism in the soliloquys which portray
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He gets the prophecy from the weird sisters and like all people he is sceptical and curious about the supernatural especially for the time in which the play is set. Shakespeare uses allusion drawing parallels with Macbeth’s character and the Biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The witches are like the serpent they give a prophecy and this makes the audience understand that only evil will result. The fact that the weird sisters were right about Macbeth being the thane of Cawdor gives Macbeth reason to believe that he could be king and his ambition comes into play. The fact that the witches can so easily sow the evil into Macbeth causes the audience to wonder whether he would have done the deed otherwise. All through the play Macbeth’s belief and relationship with the supernatural has the power to drive him insane. He sees Banquo’s ghost and can hear and see illusions of things that aren’t there. This insanity provoked by the supernatural draws the audience in and makes Macbeths character highly engaging.
In conclusion Macbeth is the most interesting character in the play ‘Macbeth’, he is a deeply flawed yet highly relatable tragic hero. Macbeth’s slow and painful decline, his engagement with the supernatural, his noble qualities as well as his evil tendencies make him an enthralling

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