Macbeth Is Not A Bad Person Essay

1471 Words Mar 9th, 2015 6 Pages
There are many gullible people in our world, they tend to believe things very easily, especially if it is beneficial to them. This is why our society’s crime rate is so high, people like these help criminals succeed by believing in them. So, the fault is not all on the criminal, but also on the people who choose to believe them. They end up getting tricked and lose everything that is precious to them. Macbeth’s character fits perfectly into this category as a gullible person. He believed in things he was not supposed to, such as the witch telling him he will become king. Back in those days, witches are said to be evil and up to no good, even though Macbeth can tell they are very suspicious and odd he still believe them. From that point of a chain reaction of bad events started to occur. All in all Macbeth is not a bad person, just a very gullible one, and because of this he gets influence by his emotions and the people around him. As stated before Macbeth stupidly believed in the witches prophecies, which led to his death in the end. Then he was persuaded by his wife to kill the king. After that he let his emotions and thoughts controlled himself when Macduff fled the country.
In the media witches are defined as evil, wicked, and are ugly old hags, this description fits perfectly for the witches in Macbeth. They have fun by making the lives of other people as miserable as possible. Although Macbeth was a noble gentleman, and he was loyal to the king, things started to change…

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