Lowering And Removing Tariffs On Exports Through The Negotiation Of Free Trade Agreements With Key Importers

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Political/ legal

• Lowering and removing tariffs on exports through the negotiation of free trade agreements with key importers
• With Iranian having sanctions lifted there is potential for an increase animal exports, as Iranian in the past was the second largest importer of sheep meat, with New Zealand dominating the trade
• If sanctions are lifted on Russia it will help the dairy industry pick up
• If farming subsidies are reduced or remove in the European union
• TTP has the potential to liberalise investment and trade among 12 countries in the pacific-rim
• Liberalised trade policies in New Zealand to gain cheaper access to imported goods
• New Health and safety regulations provide the basis for improvement in on farm health and safety
• The move away from red meats and dairy products based on perceived health risks
• If sanctions continue on Russia
• Sanctions on New Zealand products through issuers such as botulism and 1080 scare
• Regulations stopping the go ahead of the Rutaniwha water storage scheme
• Due to new health and safety regulations failure to comply can result in fines
• Taxations on emissions
• Changes in government could have a major effect on the industries
• Farm input prices such as oil, phosphate and urea have been falling since 2012
• Rapid growth in middle class, largely from Asia
• Potential to produce more consumer products due to growth and returns compared to commodities
• Potential increase in dairy prices if factors become…

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