Love Is A Symbol Of The Heaven And The Earth Essay

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Love is “two were one”, love will “live ever”. Bradstreet shows her countless love for her husband in her poem of love, “to my dear and loving Husband”. She shows the binding energy that can adhesion two people into one. Her poem conveys crucial massage to her husband especially and to all her audiences about the significance of love in the sacred family. She prices this love more than any valuable things in the word. Her philosophy about the love is connected between the heaven and the earth; love is a symbol of the heaven, and love can defeats all challenges and temptations. Obviously, her poet unveils about Bradstreet is actual religious woman, which is dedicated their life to God. (Furey)
Her setting story refers to her personal life; as a mother, a wife, and also a Puritan woman, who emigrates from England to Massachusetts. Also her poem layouts a perfect video about the journey of her married; from the day her husband and she hold hand together to the day they absent from this earth. Even though, the journey that she chooses to go is challenges: face with death, loneliness night in jungle, fight between sacred and secular life; it is still full of love. Bradstreet conveys the meaning of her poem in abstract way, which make audiences stop for a second to think. Her poem is written in iambic pentameter lines, which prevent from sounding dreary. In addition, her poem is written in heroic couplets form, which each pair of lines rhymes to proving that love is “two in one”.…

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