Role Of Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Love as a destructive force in Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare’s masterly work, Romeo and Juliet is a tale of two star-crossed lovers, forbidden love, and tragic ends. The expression “love conquers all” generally has a positive connotation, but in Romeo and Juliet, love is what leads to the lovers’ undoing. Love, as seen in Shakespeare’s work, is a destructive force that leads to clouded judgement which ultimately causes downfall. Many characters in this play are fixated on making good judgements and doing the right thing; these urges are based on love for peace, love for someone, and wishing to help them. However, these actions ultimately lead to the tragedy at the end of the play, the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.
Friar Lawrence is
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Romeo, after marrying Juliet, views both Tybalt and Mercutio as brothers to him. He justifies that he loves his past enemy by saying, “Tybalt, the reason that I have to love thee / Doth much excuse the appertaining rage” (3.1.59-60). However, Mercutio initiates a fight between himself and Tybalt which results in Mercutio’s death. Mercutio expresses his hatred towards Romeo’s actions by saying, “Why the de’l came you between us! I was hurt under your arm.” (3.1.98-99). While Romeo thinks he is doing good by stopping two people he loves from fighting, he really is getting between them and causing Mercutio’s death which triggers a landslide of events leading to the lovers’ separation. Another character who thought their words were encouraging but in reality causes loathing from Juliet, was the Nurse. The Nurse, who originally wanted Juliet to be happy with Romeo, decides that Juliet is better off marrying Paris after Romeo gets banished. She supports this by saying, “Romeo is banish’d, and all the world to nothing / That he dares ne’er come back to challenge you; / [...] I think it best you married with the County” (3.5.213-217). This results in a break in the bond between Juliet and the Nurse, and this can be seen when Juliet calls the Nurse an “Ancient damnation!” (3.5.235). Instead of making Juliet feel better, the Nurse is creating a feeling of …show more content…
Another instance where blind love controls one of the two lovers is when Juliet hears of Romeo’s banishment and her arranged marriage to Paris. She decides, “Things that to hear them told have made me tremble--- / And I will do it without fear or doubt, / To live an unstained wife to my sweet love. (4.1.86-88). Juliet, saying she would do such terrible things to avoid marrying Paris and stay loyal to Romeo proves how intense her love is and how much separation is affecting her, to the point where she can not function without him. At the very end of the play, Romeo impetuously kills himself saying he can not live without his love, Juliet, who he believes is dead. Right before Romeo dies, he declares that his death is, “To his love!” (5.3.119). This action proves how much this passionate love binds Romeo, almost like an addiction, and without it, Romeo is nothing. These three scenes show how hastily the love between Romeo and Juliet was built, and when they are apart, how fast the two lovers crumble. This heated and blind love is what causes Romeo and Juliet to fall to their ultimate demise.
In conclusion, love, no matter it be love for peace, love for a brother, or romantic love that causes poor decisions and clouded judgements, they all eventually lead to fatal outcomes. The death of all

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