Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World

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What a Wonderful World
On August 4th, 1901, in New Orleans, Louisiana; one of the most influential jazz artist was born, not only was he a musician, he was a trumpeter, bandleader, singer, soloist, film star, and a comedian. Louis Armstrong, known for many of his popular songs such as What a Wonderful World. Being born and raised in such a bad area of New Orleans its’ nickname was “The Battlefield”, as well as an rough childhood. His father left soon after he was born, his mother was a prostitute, who would often leave him with his grandmother. Having to leave school in the fifth grade to help support his family; he would collect garbage and deliver coal for the Karnofsky family. The family is often encouraged young Armstrong to sing, as well
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In three years they recorded over 60 records, which now are considered the most influential recordings in jazz history. Changing jazz into what was once known as a ensemble music to soloist art. With his daring rhythmic choice, swinging vocabulary, and incredibly high notes; changing jazz history once again. Armstrong began to sing on the records, creating a new form of singing, scat singing. Armstrong was a busy man, he always had more than one thing going on, if he wasn’t recording with Hot Five/Seven, he was performing in the Vendome theatre, playing music for silent movies. During the period of time playing at the theatre with Erskine Tate’s orchestra he switched to the trumpet. Proving to the world that fun, dance jazz could produce high …show more content…
Not letting the critics stop his success. Louis Armstrong made music history his entire career. His daring vocal transformations on songs, changed the concept of popular singing in American popular music, inspiring many artists after him, such as Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. He has been frequently on the radio, breaking box-office records at the height of the Swing Era. Armstrong set many African-American first, such as first to write an autobiography, get featured billing in a major Hollywood movie, as well as the first African-American to host a nationally sponsored radio show. Breaking down so many barriers for the African-American race, as well being an African-American hero for

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