Louis Armstrong: A Brief Biography

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Louis Armstrong was an influential African American jazz trumpeter, composer and singer. He is known for songs like, Star Dust, La Via En Rose and What a Wonderful World. He is also known for his influence over jazz culture and music. He had many nicknames such as, Satchmo, Pops and, Ambassador Satch. He was born on August 4, 1901 in New Orleans Louisiana. He was born into a very poor neighbourhood known as “The Battlefield” and his life was very difficult growing up. Soon after his birth his father left and he often found himself living with his grandmother because his mom could not care for him. Louis had to leave school in grade 5 to work. He ended up working for a Jewish family, the Karnofskys, who often encouraged him to sing. Later in …show more content…
Unfortunately Armstrong was unhappy with the way he was being treated so he decided to leave the band in 1925 and return to Chicago. In Chicago he got a job playing with his wife Lil 's band. Later OKeh Records let Armstrong make his first records with his band named Louis Armstrong and the Hot Five. Between the years 1925 and 1928, Louis Armstrong and his band made more than 60 records living a lasting mark in jazz history. Although, the Hot Five was only a recording group that later became the Hot Seven. At night Armstrong often preformed with Erskine Tate 's orchestra. In 1926 while still preforming with Erskine Tate 's orchestra Armstrong finally switched from the cornet to the trumpet. Armstrong’s career and popularity continued to grow; in 1929 he earned a role in a Broadway production of Connie 's Hot Chocolates. Around the same time he continued to record records with New Orleans-influenced groups, and he also began recording his versions of popular songs which left lasting effects on the music industry. In 1933 he decided to go on a tour throughout Europe but, this was when his career plummeted and fell …show more content…
Because of the toll taken to Armstrong’s lips from playing so much he decided to take a break. Eventually in 1935 Armstrong returned to Chicago but unfortunately had no band or anything. So, he sought help from his friend, Glaser, whom he trusted with his career, and it turns out that it was a good decision because soon after Armstrong started recording for Decca Records. During the next part of his life he achieved a lot. For example, in 1936 he became the first African-American jazz musician to write an autobiography. Later in 1938, Armstrong married his third wife Alpha Smith. Unfortunately, he divorced Alpha Smith in 1942 but, the same year he married his fourth wife Lucille Wilson. Together they bought a house in Corona, Queens, New York, where they happily lived. Soon in the 40s Armstrong’s career started to descend and he joined a group called the All Stars. He continued recording for Decca but, his support started disappearing. In the mid-50s his popularity in America was disappearing so he went on a tour of Europe where support was still strong. Armstrong horrible life style finally caught up to him in in 1959 when he had a heart attack, fortunately the heart attack didn’t kill

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