Cartels As Terrorist Organizations Essay

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So far this paper has looked at the definitions of terrorism from scholars and official bodies. These definitions are wide and different, but they seem to include similar themes. Next, the paper explored the current state of affairs in Mexico and how cartels continue to operate. There are more than half a dozen large cartels working within the country, and a brief background on each has prepared for a thorough examination. To fully determine if cartels are terrorist organizations, the paper will look at the relation to known terrorist organizations in the past, the political motivations of a group, and their ability to instill fear with widespread violence. These categories and examples will show that cartels are worthy of the designation as terrorist organizations.
Relation to Terrorist Organizations The cartels participate in the narcotics production and trafficking process in order to fund their territorial claims and political control. Their affinity for and involvement in the narcotics trade has brought these drug cartels into contact and context with other terrorist groups (Clarke 1). There have been cases of money flowing from the cartels to the middle east to fund terrorist activity with many ISIS operatives active on
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They thrive on “creating mayhem by indiscriminately attacking and killing Mexican civilians and migrants and significantly disturbing political life in Mexico and the United States,” (Jackson 123). They create this mayhem by implementing terrorist tactics “like car bombings and beheadings,” as a means “to further their goals of control, intimidation, and persuasion,” (Jackson 123). These methods are not motivated only by monetary gain, but “ultimately to lead to the disruption of the Mexican and American governments in significant ways,” (Jackson 123). Los Zetas and other cartels use the above tactics and more in a public setting to accomplish their goals, just like terrorist organizations

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