Lorraine Hansberry 's A Raisin Essay

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In a world so transfixed on the color of someone’s skin one can not help but be loss among the troubling affects that this american psyche places on them. Lorraine Hansberry figured out the mindset early and began to challenge societies view on stereotypes. By doing so she created a worldwide phenomena that has been critically and socially acclaimed by generations of people. Her raw and omniscient view of a struggling lower class family is completely realistic and relatable no matter what color of skin the audience is. People are so intrigued to learn about the troubles of other people and then compare their situations to make them feel better about themselves, but in A Raisin In The Sun audiences get to see not only the troubles of an average family but get a true glimpse into their own life. In the late 1950s a woman by the name Lorraine Hansberry set out to create a drama for stage production about a lower class family struggling to get by in life and make something better for themselves. Though simple in plot, the themes in this drama are profound and share the stage limelight just as much as the main characters. In the story there is the mama and her two kids Walter Lee and Bennie, and Walter’s wife Ruth, and their kid Travis. Each have their own dream and goal that they want achieved but struggle due to the circumstances they 're living at the moment. Walter Lee wants to invest in a liquor store to bring revenue and profit home. Bennie wants to go to medical school…

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