Lord of the Flies: What Do You Think of Ralph? Essays

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What do you think of Ralph and the way he is presented?
Ralph is a character out of the Nobel Prize-winning English author William Golding lord of the flies. Ralph is also the protagonist of the novel. Ralph is one of the biguns on the island and one of the eldest. By the way he is described throughout the book we can tell that he is around the age of twelve.
Although not especially intelligent Ralph is described as tall for his age and attractive and shows more confidence than many on the island, he is also charismatic and shows obvious common sense and this helps him to become the chosen leader by the other boys and more importantly he has the conch. The Conch symbolises structure, order, civilisation and rescue from the island and it
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Ralph is the only character who identifies Simon's and Piggy’s deaths as murder and has a realistic, unvarnished view of his participation. He feels excited by what he did and also loathes himself for his participation.
I think Ralph throughout William Golding’s novel represents many different things. I think Ralph represents leadership, respect, hope, and faithfulness, the properly socialized and civilized young man I also think that Ralph symbolises democracy because he was democratically elected as the chief. Most the of the decisions about the boys life on the island were made as a result of Ralphs organised democratic discussions during meetings, in which every boy had a right to speak. When Ralph told the boys off about not sticking to the rules he reminded them that they had all agreed to those rules, such as building shelters, collecting water and keeping the fire lit. Jack, in complete contrast wanted absolute power, he made the decisions, without discussion, and he then expected everyone else to simply carry out his orders. I think that Ralph made an excellent leader as he was the most mature on the island and used his common sense to help keep the boys alive. He used his common sense and nurturing

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