Essay Lord of the Flies - Reflection of Society

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In society, people have the ability to become violent no matter the personality of the individual. Brutality is in all animal species. The only difference between humans and the animals is the ability of the human mind to control one's thoughts and actions, however, even this ability can be lost if presented with a situation that becomes so stressful or so outrageous that the mind is no longer in control. This is exactly what happens in the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Within this book people will find exactly how brutal a human being can become when the boys are trapped on an island with no other adults with them. This book proves without a doubt that all individuals have the natural capacity for brutality. Jack was …show more content…
They only killed Simon because they believed he was from Jack's group or the beast coming to get them. It was not until after they killed Simon that they noticed what had happened. The strangest thing about this is that Ralph and Piggy, the most level headed of the group, participated in killing Simon. Ralph and Piggy, despite their rational behavior, became irrational when they fear the worse. Fear is definitely one of the biggest factors that cause people to take action rather than thinking about the consequences. The only character that can be considered non brutal would have to be Simon. Simon played a very important role in this book because was the one that could see what others could not see. The most ironic twist in the story was when he was killed. Before he met his fate, he was talking with the cut off head of a pig that Jack's group gave to the beast as a sort of "sacrifice." The pig told him that the anger within them, the boys on the island, would end up destroying them. As Simon comes back to tell them what he had been told, he was killed by his own group in fear that he was the beast or part of Jack's group. The killing of Simon seemed to symbolize the end of innocence and humanity. The one person that could have saved them all was killed out of instinct and fear. William Golding probably had Simon killed because no one listens. Take a

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