Essay about Lord Of The Flies By William Shakespeare

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When there is arguments and disagreements between two leaders for power, societies fall apart. For example, Ralph is the leader of the intelligent group of Ralph, Piggy, and Simon. Jack is the leader of the choir boys and the group of British boys that are stranded on the island after the plane was shot down in the Pacific. The boys were later called the hunters for their desire to hunt pigs. Ralph’s group had a rivalry with the hunters. The two leaders strived for power. Ralph and Piggy came across a conch shell, and Ralph blows the conch shell which draws all the other boys on the island to them. Once they are all gathered Ralph decides that they need to have a chief to make decisions for the group, Jack suggests that he should be the chief, but Roger states,” Let’s have a vote”. The group of British boys then vote for Ralph to lead their civilization. After a while, Jack then despises Ralph for having things gone his way and then he revolts against him. Jack decided to leave Ralph’s group and create his own group with the help of his choir boys.The breaking of the conch after piggy got hit by the boulder and Piggy’s death, symbolized the only thing left of Ralph’s society. Piggy and the conch were the only backup Ralph had left for his civilization. The “Littluns” were once in the hands of Ralph, until Jack did things that interest them such as hunting, painting their faces, and exploring. Since Jack and Ralph debated on many things, the “Littluns and Biguns” didn’t…

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