Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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“Lord of the Religion”

In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding there is the use of religious symbols to support a deeper interpretation of the novel. First, the symbol of The Garden of Eden is represented in many ways. Second, the structure of the book is similar to the story of Jesus and his disciples. Last, throughout the entire story a character is met named Simon, who is Christ-like. He somewhat resembles the light on the island like Jesus resembles the light of the world. Hence, the symbol of the Garden of Eden, the structure of the book, and the Christ-like imagery associated with Simon as a character demonstrates how religious symbolism is used throughout this novel.

In this novel there are several scenarios that occur which represent a relation to The Garden of Eden in Genesis from the Bible. Firstly, the act of authority on the island versus the act of authority in the Garden are similar in the way that one item or person rules the surroundings. In The Lord of the Flies Ralph, the protagonist of the novel, finds a shimmery shell that catches his attention as he walks along the shoreline with Piggy. He goes into the water to fetch the shell which Piggy later tells him is a conch. Piggy mentions to Ralph that if you blow into the conch it will make a loud noise so, he decides to test it out. Surely enough, it works and all the boys that are scattered around the island are able to follow it. The sound leads them to meet Ralph and Piggy on the beach…

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