Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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Leaders can originate from anywhere, whether admirable or wicked. But a harsh leader does not translate into an incompetent leader. In the novel, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, Jack Merridew is one of these leaders. In the novel, a group of boys are stranded on an island after a crash-landing. Instead of an experience similar to Coral Island, the boys find the terrain to be savage and unforgiving, morphing the boys into fragments of their original self. Ralph is immediately elected leader of the tribe, leaving Jack, the other candidate, powerless. However, he constantly defies Ralph’s (the leader) guidelines and annihilates the one piece of civilization they boys have left, the conch. Even though Jack is an adroit leader, he is an arrogant tyrant because he is pompous and malign.
Jack is an arrogant tyrant because he is pompous-he thinks he has the power to do everything. In Chapter 5: Beast from Water, his opinion towards the conch, the one civilized rule they have, is tested as he shouts “Bollocks to the rules! We’re strong-we hunt! If there’s a beast, we’ll hunt it down! We’ll close in on it and beat and beat and beat-!” (91). This quote shows that Jack is vain because he is implying that rules do not apply to him, that he will not be bogged down by Ralph’s paltry restrictions. Jack is also overconfident in his hunting skills; he is using that solely to base his worth and skill as a leader to the group, even though he has only made one kill. He is not a real…

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