Looking At A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen Essay

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A name is a powerful thing, for it is how many objects, ideas, or people are introduced. This initial approach can affect the overall interpretation, or even the sensations, this something may bring. By looking at A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen one can see how characterization and symbolism may play an influencial role when naming a drama, which is important due to the tools it provides to the reader to help develop a greater insight about the play; as well as foreshadowing crucial events.
At the beginning of the drama, Nora Helmer is portrayed as an ingenuous and lively woman. A woman so oblivious of the world outside the walls that constitute her house, that she unknowingly puts her and her husband’s reputation at risk. She is seen and treated as a child; her husband seldom uses her name to address her, instead he uses terms such as “my little squirrel”, and “my little spendthrift” (5). His inability to acknowledge her by her name is a strong indicator of dominance, the kind of unequal superiority that can be found between a child and an adult. In reality, Nora was given no time nor opportunity to mature; she was simply handed over by her father into Torvald’s hands. Nora’s immaturity is a hot topic among the characters in the play, that is why her sudden wisdom at the end of the third scene cause complete surprise and consternation to the people around her. However, this change was not entirely unexpected to the reader. Nora often described herself as “a wife who has…

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