London : Where It All Began For Shakespeare Essay

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London: where it all began for Shakespeare, one of the greatest writers in the english language. This paper will be about a section in the book Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare by Stephen Greenblatt. In this book Greenblatt talks about London back in the 16th century and how the city influenced Shakespeare’s work. Greenblatt discusses the different opportunities and dangers that took place in the city at the time. This paper will include the opportunities the city had to offer, the dangers the city had to offer and share my ideas on what the city had to offer that helped influenced Shakespeare to become what he turned out to be. Let’s begin with, the opportunities one could find in the city of London in the 16th century. In the 16th Century, the city of London was growing rapidly. This growth offered many opportunities for Londoners or future newcomers. People from all over the country, both men and women, many in their late teens, wanted to move to the city because they thought they could build a new life and would have work, money and power, and pretty much thought that could have a better future. London grew so rapidly that it was one place where someone could go to and the whole city would not know them or someone would not know the person who sells them things. “ A place where you could dream of escaping your origins and turning into someone else”, (Greenblatt, P.166) With that being said, Shakespeare could have thought that this city could be his…

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