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The Local Food Movement and Local Food Initiatives
In recent decades, with great growth along the way, more people have gravitated towards purchasing local foods. As a grassroots movement, the local food movement has been an influence that has become an everyday thing in North America. Although most of what the human population consumes is produced on rural land, the local food movement has entered urban areas of North America with many individuals participating in urban farming. This paper will describe and discuss the growth of the local food movement in North America with an emphasis on urban farming practises that have arisen in many cities across the continent.
The local food movement contributes to a global industry, with much of
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This growing process is known as rooftop farming. FarmRoof, the world’s only certified organic green roof system, simply defines rooftop farming as being “the cultivation of produce for food on the roof of a building…focus on local food production supplies its maintainers and the community with fresh produce and promotes small-scale local agriculture as well as a tangible connection to the food source.” (FarmRoof)
Rooftop farming provides benefits to the environment as well as the community in which its produce serves. Buildings that are topped with a green roof have been found to reduce a building’s energy use by as much as thirty percent when comparing a building that does not have a green roof. (FarmRoom) In regards to the local food movement, rooftop farms are good for the local food economy because they create an income for local farmers and local citizens as they are able to seek a benefit through an increase in job opportunities. As rooftop farms generally grow their produce to sell to the local markets they create a positive and direct relationship between the farmers and the consumer. In large metropolitan areas, groups have taken the route of rooftop farming, with New York being home to a very successful rooftop farming

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