Living the American Dream Essay

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Living The American Dream

The American Dream is one of the reasons our country is so populated. In the 1800s, immigrants came from all over the world to live the American Dream. It was the inspiration behind huge bounds in technology, industry, and lifestyle. Without this concept of the American Dream, we would more than likely be a third world country struggling to survive in an economically driven world. It is what defines us as a nation, and to this day, it still powers whole generations of American citizens. The American Dream dates all the way back to the late 1700s during the revolutionary war. Our country was founded on the belief that freedom of choice was a right, not a privilege. That belief has carried through to this day.
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He states, “The Dream that had survived the '30s barely dragged itself out of the '60s. In ensuing decades, the impact of economic growth has been uneven. The widening gap between rich and poor suggests the Dream is becoming more elusive for more people than at any other time in our history. Strangely, it's now possible for the French to be more socially and economically mobile than Americans.” The author is describing the fact that even something as idealistic as the American Dream even suffers sometimes. Even native born citizens of America strive for the American Dream. It’s not something that’s only limited to immigrants or foreigners. The thing that is so special about the American Dream is that it is not a concrete thing. Everyone has their own interpretation of it. Everyone sees it as something different, no one person’s American Dream is identical. The American Dream is almost a source of self-identification. It’s like a fingerprint, everyone has one, but they are all different. In many countries around the world, freedoms are highly limited. Some people don’t have the right to wear what they want. Freedom of speech is another thing that is limited to few countries. Our laws and regulations on people are exceedingly lax compared to other nations. This is another thing that embodies the American Dream. A perfect example of this would be the Boxer Rebellion of China in the late 1890s to

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