Living With Hiv / Aids And Their Bodies ' Process Known As The Lipodystrophy Syndrome

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worth living’. Older and elderly women living with HIV/AIDS and their bodies’ process known as the lipodystrophy syndrome However, there’s another medical problem the older or elderly adults with HIV may have is called wasting syndrome. Wasting syndrome causes older or elderly adults with HIV to involuntary lose 10% of their body weight along within a 30 days or more period with either diarrhea or weakness and fever. The older or elderly adults with HIV/AID could also lose muscle mass caused by wasting syndrome. According to Holmes, this is an AIDS-defining condition and it relates to HIV associated with wasting syndrome. Wasting syndrome is a sign of late stage disease and can be treated with proper diet, medications to stimulate appetite, medications to control diarrhea and hormonal therapy to build muscle. There are several skin viruses that affect the body of older and elderly with HIV. The skin viruses make it difficult for older and elderly adults with HIV/AIDS to adjust to their body change. According to UCLA Health, Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) is an infection this infection is called herpes virus that contribute to chickenpox (varicella) and shingles (herpes zoster). This virus has already been experienced by most adults with or without HIV/AIDS. There may be a new development of skin sores from chicken pox or shingles. The older and elderly, HIV adults may get chickenpox if they haven’t gotten it early in life. If this…

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