Living with a Life Threatening Illness Essay

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Life Threatening Illness: Can you live with it?


This paper is a personal reflection on facing death while living with a life threatening illness. While there are many ages of persons who can be affected by illnesses, when a child is affected it brings many stages of grief while accepting what you are faced with. Systems are in place that are available for those affected and if utilized can prove to be a blessing in what feels like a time where feels as if they are being cursed.

Life Threatening Illnesses and Living with It

This paper will hopefully give you a firsthand encounter of how a life
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Sadly, little did my aunt and cousin know on that beautiful 75 degree Virginia Beach morning their skies would soon turn black and their lives would no longer be anything they ever knew again.
Learning of the Illness When Amy was seen by the doctor and as he was performing her routine physical he noticed bruising on her legs, arms and some pinpoint spots under where she had fallen and cut herself. Amy only had a minor complaint of her bones hurting on occasion as well. She justified the pain to the doctor that she thought it was just the conditioning for field hockey because like other physical sports, it can take a toll on one’s body so she just kept a Tylenol routine and carried on about normal day to day activity. The doctor said that he wanted to run some blood tests and he would call with the results. He did not sign off on her physical form to play, so Amy of course felt a little disgruntled and angry. My aunt and Amy returned home and waited for the phone call, Amy’s anticipation to go to practice was raising and began eating at her and she just wanted the doctor to call. The next day the doctor called and asked if my cousin, aunt and uncle would come back in the office that same day for the results. This call of course sent them into a state of panic as they rushed to the doctor. As soon as they arrived, the nurse brought all three of them back to the doctor’s office, where they sat waiting for the doctor to meet with

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