Living Through Suicide Analysis

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Suicide documentary: Living through suicide.
By Sara Haeflinger
Hour 5

Opening Scene/Introduction (Describe)

“This is 1-800-suicide, how can I help you?” “I'm having suicidal thoughts, I need help!” “Well first off where are you right now?” “I'm in my kitchen” “In any way, are you considering thoughts of hurting yourself?” “Thoughts like that are coming to my head, so possibly” “please go into a safe area, where there's no harmful weapons near” “okay, I'm walking to my room” “And your parents, are they with you now, and do they know about your suicidal thoughts?” “They somewhat know, they know I've been going through difficult times at school.” “Have you gotten help for your suicidal thoughts?” “....” “hello are you there?” “Beep, beep, beep.” A couple minutes into a conversation, and the person you were talking to is dead, due to suicidal thoughts.

Section/Chapter 1
How many people a year die from suicide.
Imagine you're a college student at Ashford University, and there's 45,324 students in this college.
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There's certain things that you're not supposed to ask a suicidal thoughts, due to the fact that it can make them more suicidal. I asked her what were things that people said that made her more sad. She said “suicide is selfish,” “how could you think of suicide, your life is perfect,” and “you have so much to live for” I then asked what she and her family did to help with her suicidal thoughts. The young lady I interviewed told me how her family helped her with her suicidal thoughts. She said “one of the first things she did was call suicide hotline, then her parents removed any harmful items, she talked to a therapist about her thoughts.” Other things that she did was going into nature, exercising or finding any way to occupy herself from being alone in a room doing

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